Fredag 2. oktober 2015: EFTA-domstolen har dømt Norge for brudd på EUs luftkvalitetsdirektiv. Forurensningsnivået i Oslo og flere andre norske byer har i flere år ligget over de tillatte grenseverdiene – og langt over det som er helsemessig forsvarlig.

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Ozone, methane and aerosols (tiny pollutant particles) remain in the atmosphere for a shorter time than CO2, but can affect both the climate and air quality. Yet environmental policies tend to separate the two issues, with measures that fight air pollution not always bringing climate benefits and vice-versa.

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Perlemorskyer. Foto.From time to time, beautiful clouds show up in the sky. They are called nacreous clouds (from nacre, mother of pearl), due to their beautiful iridescent colour, and are located high up in the atmosphere. But did you know that these pearly clouds often further the depletion of the ozone layer?

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