Om dagens og framtidas måleteknologi

Frokostseminar i CIENS, møterom FAROS
Onsdag 26. april kl. 08.30 – 10.00
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Fra Svalbard. Foto.Methane levels in the atmosphere have been steadily increasing since 2006 after a period of relative stability between the late 1990s and the mid 2000s. The reason for the increase is a current hot topic of debate between the importance of variation in natural sources, related to climate, versus emissions from human activities.

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The partners in the Czech–Norwegian EEA-project EYEFORTX are pleased to invite all interested parties to an open workshop on transplantation medicine research on Friday, April 7th.
The Orbitrap spectrometreOur search for new environmental compounds never stops. However, with NILU’s new mass spectrometer, able to identify chemicals at extremely low levels, the job just got easier.

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FireplaceAround 45% of the wood consumed in Oslo is burned in apartments. Thus, wood burning for residential heating, and the resulted particle emission, may have a much larger impact on air quality in Norwegian urban areas than previously thought.
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