Svart røyk fra pipene ved smelteverket i NikelBriketteringsanlegget i Zapoljarnij og smelteverket i Nikel slipper ut store mengder svoveldioksid (SO2) og tungmetaller. Disse byene ligger nær norskegrensen og utslippene påvirker luftkvaliteten i Sør-Varanger ved vind fra øst og sør.

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Samples of floor mossFrom the NILU annual report: Air pollution knows no borders. Particles emitted from sources far from Norway are transported through the atmosphere and deposited in Norwegian mountains and forests. Moss have proven to be especially useful when scientists want to map the atmospheric
deposition of heavy metals in the environment.

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Aircraft in the sky releasing ashIn a new article published in Nature, the team behind the «Airborne Volcanic Object Imaging Detector – AVOID» system report the results of an experiment conducted over the Atlantic Ocean. It confirmed the ability of the device to detect and quantify volcanic ash in an artificial ash cloud.

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