Data center

NILU assumed its first international assignment as a data centre during an OECD project (1972-1977) when the first measurement programme related to long-range transboundary air pollution was established. This activity is still underway, with a significant increase in the number of sites, and in the number of variables being measured.

The monitoring data are an essential source of information for assessing long-term trends and to assist model development and validation. Monitoring data also serve as an important way to ensure close contact between researchers and decision-makers, and play a central role in policy development.

Our data centre activity is largely funded by EMEP and thus has sound long-term financial support. This has led to a strong link with other international programmes, including HELCOM, OSPAR and AMAP. Some of these projects involve assessing atmospheric pollution over the Baltic Sea, and monitoring the transport of pollution from the Baltic and North Seas to the North Atlantic and the Arctic. Since 2010, NILU also has been host to the “World Data Centre for Aerosols” under WMO-GAW (