Indoor environment

Indoor air pollution constitutes an important topic in modern times due to factors such as the time that we spend indoors (70-90%), and therefore the possible impacts on human health, and the known risk to materials such as cultural heritage objects. The Norwegian Institute for Air Research is involved in several national and international research projects which address different topics such as:

  • Indoor air quality assessment; 
  • The possible impacts on both health and materials;
  • The study of how the ventilation design and the climate conditions influence the indoor environment.
A significant part of the international research performed at NILU has been carried out through European projects in closed cooperation with partners from Europe and overseas. Part of the research has involved the development of instruments, models and strategies to evaluate the indoor air quality concerning the preservation of material inside cultural heritage locations.

Apart from the field work at both indoor and outdoor locations, NILU undertakes accelerated exposures inside climate chambers under controlled conditions in order to determine the degradation of materials. The chambers can simulate climate conditions and different pollution levels can be selected.