Atmospheric impacts on ocean and land

Seventy per cent of the atmosphere is in contact with the sea, so understanding atmosphere-ocean interactions is important to NILU’s research. NILU is involved in significant research programmes related to coastal zones and regional seas.

An accurate and complete understanding of the functioning of the coastal zone is vital to our understanding of how the human population is affecting the globe. Norway has an extensive coastal zone (more than 20 000 km) and most of the population lives close to the coast. Many of Norway’s important economic sectors are coastal or marine, including oil and gas exploration, shipping, coastal tourism, aquaculture and fisheries.

NILU scientists contributed to the implementation of the European Union’s Water Framework Directive, especially in coastal and transitional waters. NILU also provides support for the implementation of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive. This poses interesting scientific challenges, including the use of scientifically accurate descriptors (such as eutrophication, contaminants and biodiversity) in a “user friendly manner”, or the combination of scientific information with graphical skills.

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