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Actris logoFrom the NILU Annual Report 2016: ACTRIS is an infrastructure enabling observation-based research to improve understanding of climate and air pollution. The main focus is aerosols, clouds and reactive gases in the atmosphere, and their physical, optical and chemical properties.
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From Longyearbyen, SvalbardFrom the NILU Annual Report 2016: The fact that plastic waste pollutes the oceans is well known and has attracted a lot of media attention both in Norway and internationally. The visible plastic waste is what most people notice - but most of the plastic in the sea cannot be seen by the naked eye.
NILU's Annual Report for 2016 is ready. Read about our research on, among other things, microplastics, nanomaterials and air quality measurement. Read it in digital format on the right (ISSUU), or download the pdf here
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Mounting of AQMESH-sensors at the monitoring station in KirkeveienFrom the NILU Annual Report 2016: New technology brings new opportunities. So why haven’t we discarded those large monitoring stations and started using microsensors yet?
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9. and 10. May 2017: While climate negotiators from almost 200 countries met in Bonn to hammer out a "rule book" for putting the Paris Agreement into practice, more than 30 scientists gathered in Oslo to discuss how to build an observation system that can monitor the nations’ pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Oslo Concert Hall, May 13. 2017: Dr. Elisabeth Pacyna from NILU’s Department for Environmental Impacts and Solutions has been honoured with the award of “Outstanding Pole in Norway 2017” for her work in science.

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