Software and Hardware Development Dept. (SHADE)

The Software and Hardware Development department (SHaDe) is responsible for the development and maintenance of NILU’s Software and Hardware products, from the cutting edge AirQUIS application line, to project web sites, custom modules and databases.

In addition, SHaDe’s Hardware Engineers have decades of experience in developing solutions for a wealth of problems. Notable successes include the development of Embedded Data Loggers, the UV Irradiance Meter and Air samplers. Their expertise area covers the creation of schematic designs, development of PCBs (printed circuit boards) and prototypes that are later put into production.


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SHADe employees

Head of development

Rune Åvar Ødegård

Rune Åvar Ødegård

Head of Development
Telephone: +47 63 89 80 87
Mobile: +47 410 82 074
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