Innovation Department

The Innovation Department is a testament to the long term goals of NILU in ensuring the greatest overall benefit from the research being developed. 

The primary objective of The Innovation Department is to facilitate the use of results from the research conducted within NILU and when possible, develop these in commercial opportunities.

In addition, The Innovation Department works to develop its own commercially focused projects by utilizing the wide range of expertise found within NILU.

Latest commercial developments:

– fall 2011
Nicarnica Aviation AS – 2010
Comet BioTech AS – 2010

The Innovation Department also keeps close cooperation with NILU's subsidiary company Innovation nilu in the marketing and further development of technologies and is a close link between research and commercial applications.
The Innovation Department has one simple goal; create the maximum amount of value from the research performed within NILU.

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Employees in the Innovation Department

Director of Innovation

Pål Midtlien Danielsen

Head of Innovation
Telephone: +47 63 89 80 58
Mobile: +47 400 19 294