NILU in the Fram Centre (Tromsø)

Our office in Tromsø have since 1994 housed employees from the Environmental chemistry and the Atmosphere and climate departments.

The office is now a member of and co-located with The Fram Centre (FRAM - High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment).

NILU's office in the Fram Centre covers disciplines related to climate and environmental issues in the polar regions and in the Barents Region. The office, lead by research director Eldbjørg Heimstad, head the Fram Centre's research flagship "Hazardous substances – effects on ecosystems and human health

Contaminant research is concentrated on the following areas:

  • Ecotoxicology and organic pollutants
  • Method development and analysis of emerging pollutants in the Arctic ecosystem and humans
  • Bioaccumulation of pollutants in Arctic food chains
  • Degradation, metabolism and biological effects, included biomarkers, of organic pollutants
  • Development of QSAR models for fate and effects based on calculated molecular properties of contaminants
  • Effects of pollutants on humans and link to the health effects and disease
  • Development and use of models for prediction of fate, bioaccumulation and exposure to contaminants
  • Development and use of exposure models for contaminants
  • Atmospheric processes and local air pollution in the northern areas

Ozone and UV radiation in the polar regions

  • Characterisation of aerosols and pollution in Norway and the polar regions
  • Carbon fluxes in boreal and Arctic ecosystems


NILU-Employees located in the Fram Centre (Tromsø)


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Research Director High North

Eldbjørg Heimstad

Eldbjørg Heimstad

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