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UAQ2005 - Announcement and call for papers

23.07.2004 (www.urbanairquality.org)

5th International Conference on Urban Air Quality,
Valencia, 29-31 March 2005

Jointly with:

  • Workshop on Air Quality Assessment - Science and Tools for Policy coordinated by the Cluster of European Air Quality Research (CLEAR), Monday 28 March 2005
  • Workshop on Atmospheric Transport at the Urban/Local Scales coordinated by the Atmospheric Composition Change - A European Network of Excellence (ACCENT), Friday 1 April 2005

Organised by:
University of Hertfordshire, UK
CEAM, Spain
Aristotle University, Greece

The list of topics include:
* Measurement of air pollutants
* Sampling techniques and instrumentation
* Emission models and inventories
* Source apportionment studies
* Urban climate and meteorology
* Meteorological pre-processing for dispersion modelling
* Modelling of air pollutants on local, urban and meso-scales
* Regional-urban-local scale interactions and feedbacks
* Chemical and physical transformation of pollutants
* Chemical mechanism and physical parametrisation schemes
* Early warning systems and forecast modelling
* Wind tunnel and physical modelling studies
* Model evaluation and sensitivity studies
* Use of remote sensing/satellite data assimilation for urban air quality
* Personal exposure and environmental/health impact of urban air pollution
* Urban air quality management Systems and Integrated Assessment Systems
* Urban air quality databases, information systems and data mining/archiving
* Air quality policy analysis and development

Submission of one page abstracts: Friday 29 October 2004
Short papers for proceedings: Friday 21 January 2005

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