13th annual TFMM meeting
17 - 19 April 2012, Gozo, Malta

This meeting will give the opportunity to explore a number of issues related to the TFMM work plan:
Agenda (13 April 2012)

Practial information:


EMEP activities and challenges for 2012-2014 Sonja Vidic
Session 1: EMEP monitoring strategy
Implementing the EMEP monitoring strategy and relation to the AQD-revision process Kjetil Tørseth
Benefits of ACTRIS for Implementation of EMEP monitoring strategy in the Czech Republic Milan Vana
AQUILA's input to the Air Quality Directive Revision: items related to the EMEP monitoring activities JP Putaud
The ACTRIS research infrastructure in support to EMEP JP Putaud
UK (CEH) and ACTRIS Neil Cape
Session 2: Measurement methodologies
Results of the 1st comparison exercise for TC, OC and EC measurements within ACTRIS + EMEP laboratories Fabrizia Cavalli
Position of the GAW Scientific Advisory Group on the use of Black Carbon terminology Oksana Tarasova
Use of surface concentrations and absorption measurements for evaluation of modelled BC E. Vignati
Session 3: Data assessment
Trends in ozone across Europe: Influences and implications Dick Derwent
Trends and meteorological influences on PM10, PM2.5 and PMcoarse in Switzerland and in Europe André Prévôt
Experiences with the MARGA at the EMEP site Melpitz in Germany - Evaluation of long-time measurements of PM10 and trace gases B Fahlbusch
OC and EC in rural, urban, traffic and industrial sites of Spain Xavier Querol
Trends in atmospheric ammonia and particulate ammonium in Sweden and its causes Martin Ferm
Current EMEP and GAW activities in Bulgaria Ekaterina Batchvarova
Compliance with international obligations under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution and its Protocol Liliia Kozak
Application of EMEP measurement data for information service in Russian Federation Sergey A. Gromov
Session 4: EMEP intensive observation periods
EMEP intensive measurement periods Wenche Aas
AMS measurements during the EMEP campaign and the ACTRIS year André Prévôt
Session 5: EMEP grid transformation
Changing the EMEP grid: proposal for new domain, projection and resolution Hilde Fagerli
Modelling exercise on scale dependencies Martijn Schaap
Session 6: Progress in the development modeling tools
Multi-scale approach to HM and POP modelling Oleg Travnikov
Recent developments of the EMEP/MSC-W model aiming at PM improvement Svetlana Tsyro
EMEP-WRF (EMEP4UK) model used to simulate a decade (2001-2010) of UK atmospheric composition Vieno Massimo
The impact of thermodynamic module on the CTM performances: a case study in Northern Italy Claudio Carnevale
Source apportionment of PM across the Netherlands and Europe using LOTOS-EUROS
Animations of concentrations resulting from foreign power generation and Dutch road transport
Martijn Schaap
Air pollution assessment in France and Europe - Recent results from the CHIMERE model Bertrand Bessagnet
Session 7 EMEP case study on heavy metals
Country-specific case studies: results and recommendations for future research Ilia Ilyin
Assessment of air pollution by cadmium - CZECH REPUBLIC - EMEP Heavy metal case stud Milan Vana
A source apportionment study and model validation for HMs and POPs air concentrations of MINNI project Mihaela Mircea
Session 8 Issues with emission inventories
Report on the EEA workshop dedicated to the use of GMES data for emission inventories Laurence Rouïl
Ship Emissions in the North Sea Region - the Impact of Emission Reduction Scenarios on Air Pollution in Coastal Areas Armin Aulinger
Session 9 EURODELTA 3 modeling exercise and outreach projects
EURODELTA 3 Bertrand Bessagnet
Developments in downscaling methodology within the EC4MACS project Chris Heyes
Session 10 EMEP Outreach
Progress on the EMEP "booklet" preparation Kjetil Tørseth
Booklet POPs Oksana Tarasova
InGOS - Integrated non-CO2 Greenhouse gas Observing System Arjan Hensen