TFMM4 Presentations and reports

Author Title File size
  TFMM Report (draft) 129K
  Status of Part Two of the EMEP Assessment Report 22K
John Munthe, Ilya Ilin Discussions in HM and POP group 29K
Henning Wuester Introductory presentation for the 4th meeting of the Task Force on Measurements and Modelling 188KB
Victor Shatalov Progress in modelling of airborne pollutants on hemispheric scale 5.8MB
John Munthe Recent findings on the atmospheric cycling of mercury 11.8MB
Gerhard Petersen Recent Developments in Mercury Modelling 3.8MB
Marco Giannitrapani Detecting Discontinuties 1.3MB
Hilde Fagerli Performance of the EMEP Unified model over 20 years: consequences for the parameterization of sulfur chemistry 5.6MB
Svetlana Tsyro UNI-AERO, the research aerosol dynamics model for EMEP: model description and evaluation 15.7MB
Martin van Loom Aerosol model inter-comparison 646K
Ian Rodgers Models-3 - Performance for annual deposition and air quality in the UK 708K
Ian Rodgers et al. The development of Models-3/CMAQ as a framework for the assessment of deposition and air quality in the U.K 55K
Cees Cuvelier CITY-DELTA: A European model-intercomparison study in support to the CAFE programme on EU environmental legislation 2.6MB
Leonor Tarrason Performance of the EMEP Unified model for Ozone 6.1MB
Ilia Ilyin, Sergey Dutchak Progress in validation of heavy metals models 768K
Ilia Ilyin Intercomparison Study of Numerical Models for Long-Range Atmospheric Transport of Mercury 392K
R. Stern, A. Graff Dispersion modelling within the european communities new air quality framework directive: long term modelling of O3, PM10 and NO2 307K

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