Alena Bartonova

EU-koordinator, Forskningsdirektør UAE
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258 publikasjoner (Publisert som ansatt på NILU t.o.m. 2017. For publiseringer fra 2018- se Cristin (Current Research Information SysTem In Norway)
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Dr Alena Bartonova, PhD serves as Research Director, coordinator for EU research and for research in the UAE, currently posted at Kjeller, Norway.

She has a MSc and a RNDr degree in Probability and Mathematical Statistics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, CZ, and PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Faculty of Science of the same University.

Her research interests include the relationship between human health and well-being and the environment, integrated assessment, human exposure assessment for air pollution, and the role of science in society.

Alena started at NILU as a post doc 1987-1990, when she was studying environmental epidemiology methods and the relationship between air pollution and material damage.

She has also worked on evaluation and prediction of air quality on local and regional scale, and in national and international projects relating air quality and effects, often integrating knowledge from emissions to economic evaluation.

She is active in international collaborative research in Europe, and has served in expert groups within the fifth and 7th Framework Programs for research of the EU, and as a member of  SCHER.

She has coordinated or co-coordinated several EU-co-funded projects, as well as other international collaborative research and assessment activities.

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