eruptive volcanoVolcanic gas emissions can affect the climate, environment and society, not only in the case of violent eruptions but also under quiescent degassing conditions.

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Traffic in Abu DhabiNovember 20-21, 2017: NILU is present on the 3rd Air Quality and Noise Control UAE conference “Investing in air quality management, noise monitoring and indoor air control across the UAE to create a unified agenda for improved urban environment” in Abu Dhabi.
Ingjerd Tørset tar vannprøverStorvannet is a small lake close to Hammerfest. It looks idyllic, but the reason why NILU scientist Dr. Ingjerd Sunde Krogseth and colleagues are so interested in it is what lies below the lake’s surface. At the lake’s bottom, scientists have found that sediment and aquatic animals contain large amounts of chemical ingredients from cosmetic products called siloxanes.
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