In January, 24 institutions from 9 countries formally joined forces in an extra-ordinary initiative towards long-term research cooperation - the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS).

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8 February 2018: Use the hackAIR app and low-cost sensors to generate your own measurements of air quality, and find out more about how to avoid and reduce particulate matter pollution.

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The EU has decided: From 1 February 2020 in Europe, industries are no longer allowed to use more than 0.1% of siloxanes D4 and D5 in skin and hair care products that are washed off during normal use.
Ocean plastic pollution is a transboundary, complex, social, economic and environmental problem with no easy solution. It is everywhere on the planet – including the Arctic where it poses a major threat to ecosystems, fisheries, aquaculture and recreation and tourism industries. For Arctic Indigenous Peoples who rely on food from the land and sea, it has the potential to be a major health concern.

Akvaplan-niva, NILU, NIVA, and GRID-Arendal invite to a debate about plastic litter in Tromsø, Monday january 22.

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NILU i media
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