From the NILU Annual Report 2017: During the last decade, the need for information and data has exploded, and this “data revolution” has not stopped short of science. In environmental research, data have become more and more important – to the point that scientists now even know what your fireplace looks like.

New PhD at NILU: Volcanic ash in the atmosphere poses a risk for air traffic. In addition, it causes health risks to both humans and the climate.

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From the NILU annual report 2017: Oil spills, tanker accidents, chemical disasters – suddenly materials are released into the environment, potentially harming both humans and nature. Is it possible for scientists to trace the environmental offenders?

From the NILU Annual Report 2017: From the Zeppelin Observatory at 79 degrees north to Trollhaugen at 72 degrees south – NILU measures air quality at some of the world’s most inaccessible places. Why so far away?

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NILU i media

NILU i media
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