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From the NILU Annual Report 2017: “Laughing gas” sounds harmless enough. Known also as nitrous oxide, it is in fact the third most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and no laughing matter.

Air quality in Europe is getting better. However, a significant proportion of Europe's population still lives in cities and areas where at times, noise and air pollution may lead to health problems. Norwegian scientists are now tasked with leading the work of compiling the knowledge base the decision-makers in Europe need to give us better air and quality of life.

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From the NILU Annual Report 2017: During the last decade, the need for information and data has exploded, and this “data revolution” has not stopped short of science. In environmental research, data have become more and more important – to the point that scientists now even know what your fireplace looks like.

New PhD at NILU: Volcanic ash in the atmosphere poses a risk for air traffic. In addition, it causes health risks to both humans and the climate.

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