Environmental chemistry


"Environmental Chemistry" as a research field has become increasingly complex as our level of knowledge has grown. Physical and chemical parameters affect the rates of diffusion and breakdown of components that make up different pollutants, and these rates will vary greatly from one component to another. The study of pollutants in the environment must include the environment as a whole, and requires the use of methodologies for sampling and analysis that are specifically tailored to the problem.

This leads to substantial demands for research in many fields:

  • sampling;
  • chemical analysis;
  • studies /computation of occurrences;
  • pollutant dispersal and assessment of effects. 

Environmental chemistry has been one of NILU’s most important research fields for many years, with a great deal of research effort in many areas of the discipline. Traditionally, NILU has been most focused on sampling and analysis, but in recent years the institute has also invested significant effort into computational work, modelling and studies of effects.