Environmental monitoring

NILU has a significant monitoring activity, primarily in the following areas:

  • Atmospheric inputs
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Ozone layer and UV

NILU is also the national reference laboratory for air quality, and operates the website luftkvalitet.info

The aim of monitoring chemical compositions in air and precipitation it to register levels and any changes in the supply of long-range pollution. We are monitoring from so-called background stations. They are located where they will be less influenced by nearby emission sources.

The total monitoring programme includes 19 stations, of which 15 monitors main components in precipitation. Five of the stations, including the Zeppelin station at Svalbard, is included in the EMEP programme (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme) under the UN Convention on transboundary air pollution.

Monitoring programmes at our four observatories:


EBAS is a database hosting observation data of atmospheric chemical composition including aerosol physical and optical properties.