NILU main office - how to get there

NILU main office


NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Instituttveien 18
2007 Kjeller
Tel: + 47 63 89 80 00
Fax: + 47 63 89 80 50

How to get to NILU:

From Oslo Airport Gardemoen:
  • Train to Lillestrøm Station. Be aware that every second train does not stop at Lillestrøm.
  • From Lillestrøm Station, take a taxi or bus.The closest bus stop iscalled Forskningsparken Skedsmo.
From Oslo:
  • Take a train from Oslo Central Station to Lillestrøm Station.
  • Take a taxi or bus from Lillestrøm Station. The closest bus stop is called Forskningsparken Skedsmo.
For train and bus information, see the webpages for Ruter# travel planner.

Map of to get to NILU
Map of Kjeller og Forskningsparken. NILU's localization (IFE-NILU reception) is marked in red.

Map in pdf