Chemical analyses

NILU has expertise in the determination of different substances and components in environmental samples. These different sample types require diverse and specific kinds of sample preparation. This technology is continuously evolving, which makes it possible to analyse an ever-expanding range of new substances and contaminants.

With advanced analysis equipment, including several high-resolution mass spectrometers, we perform highly accurate measurements of both organic and inorganic contaminants.

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The health effects laboratory

The NILU health effects laboratory investigates the effects of pollution, climate change and new materials on humans and animals. This laboratory complements the circle of monitoring, modeling, analysis, evaluation and impact studies at NILU.

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Air quality

NILU has worked on air pollution related issues since it was first established in 1969.The institute's researchers have studied emissions from industrial, urban and traffic sources as well as issues related to indoor air quality. The institute is committed to constantly developing and updating its analytical and research methods and techniques.

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Information Systems and Databases

For more than 40 years, NILU has been providing data management services for many international organizations and projects, and has developed a level of expertise in data warehousing, software development and hardware design that goes far beyond typical research institutes.

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