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HENVINET. Evaluation questionnaire - causal chain for cancer.

Fucic, A.; Merlo D.F. Ed. by Yang, A.; Bartonova, A.


Serie: NILU TR, Tekniske rapporter, 07/2010
År: 2010
ISBN: 978-82-425-2304-4
Fil: TR 7/2010 (pdf / 3984Kb)

Sammendrag: The HENVINET consortium has developed a questionnaire to identify knowledge gaps in the state of the art in scientific knowledge. Literature reviews covered all elements that compose the causal chain of the different environmental health issues from emissions to exposures, to effects and to health impacts. Ultimately, the aim is to discuss the implications of these for policy and research. In this evaluation we focus on various aspects of the cause¿effect relationship between our living environment and increased risk of cancer development. Occupational exposure to carcinogens is not included. Six cancer types are considered; brain cancer, breast tumors, colorectal tumors, leukemia, lung mesothelioma and melanoma.