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NILU's research provides knowledge and awareness about causes and consequences associated with pollution and climate change

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Greenhouse gas levels are constantly rising
The most important greenhouse gases monitored by NILU – The Norwegian Institute for Air Research continued to rise in 2017. Levels have now reached new…

New DiCaprio documentary, featuring NILU scientist, premiers at 2019 Cannes Film Festival
The feature documentary ICE ON FIRE focuses on the research behind today’s climate science. Scientists from NILU and CAGE appear in the film, which is…

NILU measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in Chile
Over a period of 4 months, NILU has measured the concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air in the Chilean municipalities of Quintero-Puchuncaví…


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Global historical stocks and emissions of PBDEs

Abbasi, Golnoush; Li, Li; Breivik, Knut

Academic literature review

The concept of essential use for determining when uses of PFASs can be phased out

Cousins, Ian T.; Goldenman, G.; Herzke, Dorte; Lohmann, Rainer; Miller, Mark; Ng, Carla A.; Patton, Sharyle; Scheringer, Martin; Trier, Xenia; Vierke, Lena; Wang, Zhanyun; DeWitt, Jamie


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