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Addendum to "A global assessment of precipitation chemistry and deposition of sulfur, nitrogen, sea salt, base cations, organic acids, acidity and pH, and phosphorus".

Vet, R.; Artz, R.S.; Carou, S.; Shaw, M.; Ro, C.-U.; Aas, W.; Baker, A.; Bowersox, V.C.; Dentener, F.; Galy-Lacaux, C.; Hou, A.; Pienaar, J.J.; Gillett, R.; Forti, M.C.; Gromov, S.; Hara, H.; Khodzher, T.; Mahowald, N.M, Nickovic, S.; Rao, P.S.P.; Reid, N.W.

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Journal: Atmospheric Environment, vol. 93, 101–116, 2014
DOI: doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2014.02.017