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Air quality in Europe - 2018 report

Guerreiro, Cristina de Brito Beirao; Ortiz, Alberto; de Leeuw, Frank; Viana, Mar; Colette, Augustin


Publikasjon: Air quality in Europe - 2018 report
Serie: EEA Report, 12/2018
År: 2018
Utgiver: European Environment Agency, Copenhagen
ISBN: 978-92-9213-989-6
Lenke: Fulltekst

The current report presents an updated overview and analysis of air quality in Europe from 2000 to 2016. It reviews the progress made towards meeting the air quality standards established in the two EU Ambient Air Quality Directives and towards the World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guidelines (AQGs). It also presents the latest findings and estimates on population and ecosystem exposure to the air pollutants with the greatest impacts and effects. The evaluation of the status of air quality is based mainly on reported ambient air measurements, in conjunction with modelling data and data on anthropogenic emissions and their evolution over time.