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Analysis of Member States’ 2019 GHG projections

Schmid, Carmen; Rodrigo, Paula Ruiz; Abbasi, Golnoush; Bouman, Evert Alwin; Brook, Rosie; Capizzi, Filippo; Dauwe, Tom; Jozwicka, Magdalena


Publikasjon: Analysis of Member States’ 2019 GHG projections
Serie: ETC/CME, 2019/6
År: 2019
Utgiver: ETC/CME, Mol
Lenke: Fulltekst

This report provides a summary of the quality analysis of the EU Member States’ submission under Article 14 of the Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR) in 2019. Under this obligation EU Member States have to submit updated GHG projections and related information biennially. The reported information undergoes several phases of QA/QC checks consisting of checks on timeliness, accuracy, completeness, consistency and comparability. In addition this report shows the results of a screening of the model factsheets as reported by the Member States. Details on the underlying QA/QC procedure are described in ETC/CME Eionet Report 2019/7.