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A synthesis of atmospheric mercury depletion event chemistry linking atmosphere, snow and water.

Steffen, A.; Douglas, T.; Amyot, M.; Ariya, P.; Aspmo, K.; Berg, T.; Bottenheim, J.; Brooks, S.; Cobbett, F, Dastoor, A.; Dommergue, A.; Ebinghaus, R.; Ferrari, C.; K. Gardfeldt, M.E.; Goodsite, E.; Lean, D.; Poulain, A. Scherz, C.; Skov, H.; Sommar J.; Temme, C.


A Synthesis Inversion to Constrain Global Emissions of Two Very Short Lived Chlorocarbons: Dichloromethane, and Perchloroethylene

Claxton, Tom; Hossaini, R.; Wilson, C.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Chipperfield, Martyn P.; Wild, Oliver; Bednarz, Ewa M.; Carpenter, Lucy J.; Andrews, Stephen J.; Hackenberg, Sina C.; Mühle, Jens; Oram, David; Park, Sunyoung; Park, Mi-Kyung; Atlas, Elliot; Navarro, Maria; Schauffler, Sue; Sherry, David; Vollmer, Martin K.; Schuck, Tanja; Engel, Andreas; Krummel, Paul B.; Maione, Michela; Arduini, Jgor; Saito, Takuya; Yokouchi, Yoko; O'Doherty, Simon; Young, Dickon; Lunder, Chris Rene

American Geophysical Union (AGU)


A survey of dioxin-like contaminants in fish from recreational fishing.

Heimstad, E.; Grønstøl, G.; Hetland, K.; Alarcon, J.; Rylander, C.; Mariussen, E.


A surrogate-assisted measurement correction method for accurate and low-cost monitoring of particulate matter pollutants

Wojcikowski, Marek; Pankiewicz, Bogdan; Bekasiewicz, Adrian; Cao, Tuan-Vu; Lepioufle, Jean-Marie; Vallejo, Islen; Ødegård, Rune Åvar; Ha, Hoai Phuong

Air pollution involves multiple health and economic challenges. Its accurate and low-cost monitoring is important for developing services dedicated to reduce the exposure of living beings to the pollution. Particulate matter (PM) measurement sensors belong to the key components that support operation of these systems. In this work, a modular, mobile Internet of Things sensor for PM measurements has been proposed. Due to a limited accuracy of the PM detector, the measurement data are refined using a two-stage procedure that involves elimination of the non-physical signal spikes followed by a non-linear correction of the responses using a multiplicative surrogate model. The correction layer is derived from the sparse and non-uniform calibration data, i.e., a combination of the measurements from the PM monitoring station and the sensor obtained in the same location over a specified (relatively short) interval. The device and the method have been both demonstrated based on the data obtained during three measurement campaigns. The proposed correction scheme improves the fidelity of PM measurements by around two orders of magnitude w.r.t. the responses for which the post-processing has not been considered. Performance of the proposed surrogate-assisted technique has been favorably compared against the benchmark approaches from the literature.


A study of the relative expanded uncertainty formula for comparing low-cost sensor and reference measurements

Walker, Sam-Erik; Schneider, Philipp

In this report, we investigate the relative expanded uncertainty (REU) formula for comparing low-cost sensors (microsensors) and reference measurements. The purpose of the REU formula is to check if microsensor measurements follow the data quality objective (DQO) of the European Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC to be considered equivalent to a reference instrument. The project aimed to obtain a good understanding of the REU formula for its proper use in current and future projects involving microsensors.



A study of the Arctic UTLS region: the UTLS project and first results. NILU F

Stebel, K.; Hansen, G. , Orsolini, Y.


A study of the Arctic tropopause, with special emphasis on Northern Scandinavia - a. Ozone sonde and ECMWF data analysis. NILU F

Stebel, K.; Hall, C.; Hansen, G.; Karpetchko, A.; Kirkwood, S.; Kyrö, E.; Latteck, R.; Müller, M.; Nikulin, G.; Orsolini, Y.; Roettger, J.; Singer, W.


A strategy towards the generation of testable adverse outcome pathways for nanomaterials

Murugadoss, Sivakumar; Vrcek, Ivana Vinkovic; Pem, Barbara; Jagiello, Karolina; Judzinska, Beata; Sosnowska, Anita; Martens, Marvin; Willighagen, Egon L.; Puzyn, Tomasz; Dusinska, Maria; Cimpan, Mihaela-Roxana; Fessard, Valérie; Hoet, Peter H.


A screening of liver, kidney, and thyroid gland morphology in organochlorine-contaminated glaucous gulls (Larus hyperboreus) from Svalbard.

Sonne, C.; Mæhre, S.A.B.; Sagerup, K.; Harju, M.; Heimstad, E.S.; Leifsson, P.S.; Dietz, R.; Gabrielsen, G.W.


A scoping review of systematic reviews on environmental effects of sunscreen ingredients. Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids, Materials in Contact with Food, and Cosmetics of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment

Svendsen, Camilla; Asmyhr, Maria Gulbrandsen; Denison, Eva Marie-Louise; Devold, Tove Gulbrandsen; Mathisen, Gro Haarklou; Rohloff, Jens; Starrfelt, Jostein; Bruzell, Ellen; Carlsen, Monica Hauger; Granum, Berit Brunstad; Rundén-Pran, Elise; Rasinger, Josef Daniel; Husøy, Trine


A Schematic Sampling Protocol for Contaminant Monitoring in Raptors

Espín, Silvia; Andevski, Jovan; Duke, Guy; Eulaers, Igor; Gomez-Ramirez, Pilar; Hallgrimsson, Gunnar Thor; Helander, Björn; Herzke, Dorte; Jaspers, Veerle; Krone, Oliver; Lourenco, Rui; Maria-Mojica, Pedro; Lopez, Emma Martinez; Mateo, Rafael; Movalli, Paola; Sanchez-Virosta, Pablo; Shore, Richard F.; Christian, Sonne; van den Brink, Nico W.; van Hattum, Bert; Vrezec, Al; Wernham, Chris; Garcia-Fernandez, Antonio


A schematic sampling protocol for contaminant monitoring in raptors

Espín, Silvia; Andevski, Jovan; Duke, Guy; Eulaers, Igor; Gomez-Ramirez, Pilar; Hallgrimsson, Gunnar Thor; Helander, Björn; Herzke, Dorte; Jaspers, Veerle; Krone, Oliver; Lourenco, Rui; Maria-Mojica, Pedro; Martínez-López, Emma; Mateo, Rafael; Movalli, Paola; Sanchez-Virosta, Pablo; Shore, Richard F.; Sonne, Christian; van den Brink, Nico W.; van Hattum, B.; Vrezec, Al; Wernham, Chris; García-Fernández, Antonio J.



A satellite-based estimate of combustion aerosol cloud microphysical effects over the Arctic Ocean

Zamora, Lauren M; Kahn, Ralph A.; Huebert, Klaus B; Stohl, Andreas; Eckhardt, Sabine

Climate predictions for the rapidly changing Arctic are highly uncertain, largely due to a poor understanding of the processes driving cloud properties. In particular, cloud fraction (CF) and cloud phase (CP) have major impacts on energy budgets, but are poorly represented in most models, often because of uncertainties in aerosol–cloud interactions. Here, we use over 10 million satellite observations coupled with aerosol transport model simulations to quantify large-scale microphysical effects of aerosols on CF and CP over the Arctic Ocean during polar night, when direct and semi-direct aerosol effects are minimal. Combustion aerosols over sea ice are associated with very large (∼ 10Wm−2) differences in longwave cloud radiative effects at the sea ice surface. However, co-varying meteorological changes on factors such as CF likely explain the majority of this signal. For example, combustion aerosols explain at most 40% of the CF differences between the full dataset and the clean-condition subset, compared to between 57% and 91% of the differences that can be predicted by co-varying meteorology. After normalizing for meteorological regime, aerosol microphysical effects have small but significant impacts on CF, CP, and precipitation frequency on an Arctic-wide scale. These effects indicate that dominant aerosol–cloud microphysical mechanisms are related to the relative fraction of liquid-containing clouds, with implications for a warming Arctic.


A review on the abundance, distribution and eco-biological risks of PAHs in the key environmental matrices of South Asia. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 240

Hamid, N.; Syed, J. H.; Kamal, A.; Aziz, F.; Tanveer, S.; Ali, U. Cincinelli, A.; Katsoyiannis, A.; Yadav, I. C.; Li, J.; Malik, R. N.; Zhang, G.


A review of volcanic ash aggregation.

Brown, R.J.; Bonadonna, C.; Durant, A.J.